First photo is our galaxy. Next to it is the first photo ever recorded of an atom. The last picture is our galaxy on top of that atom. 

Now WHAT IF We are living on the surface of a particle….that is orbiting an electron…. that is orbiting the nucleus of an atom… that resides in the body of a living organism…. that is living on the surface of a particle…. that is orbiting an electron…. that is orbiting the nucleus of an atom… that resides in the body of a living organism…. that is living on the surface of a particle…. that is orbiting an electron…. that is orbiting the nucleus of an atom… that resides in the body of a living organism…. that is living on the surface of a particle…. that is orbiting an electron…. that is orbiting the nucleus of an atom… that resides in the body of a living organism….

Does that make you feel small? Here’s to my very possible theory we’re smaller than an atom. 

Unfiltered thought: Some people say on the Internet people act invincible and say things they’d never say in real life. I think the internet has shown us all how horrible & ruthless humans can be. Most fake it in 3D lives, but in the internet, people’s true colors show and they don’t care truly rotten and horrific they are. No rules. No accountability.

First pic of me relaxing in Mexico. :D #mexico #vacation

Shiny Toy Guns "Somewhere To Hide" Music Video from Robby Starbuck on Vimeo.

Director: Robby Starbuck
Producer(s): Robby Starbuck & Stefan Anderson
DP: Greg Ephraim
Production Designer: Joe Holliday
Editor/Colorist: Robby Starbuck
Production Co: RSM -
2012 Eleven Seven Records

Here’s the new video I directed for @ShinyToyGuns “Somewhere To Hide”. It’s my very own gothic wonderland! Share it if you love it. Follow me on twitter @robbystarbuck

Inspiring words on a way of life to avoid!

The Problem with Music Videos

After years of discussing this topic internally I felt it’d be interesting to write a blog and hear both sides of this argument more in depth in a public forum. Quite a few artists see music videos as an extension of their creativity and try to “take-over” on the video for their song. The big problem with music videos is that with budgets dwindling the good directors out there aren’t often times doing it for money. They make more doing commercials and other projects. They do music videos for the creativity they “can” offer. The visuals ARE their work. Not the musicians. So without that monetary incentive they used to have in the 90’s why are directors doing these low budget videos? Once in a while magic happens and you get to do what you want. An artist lets you run free and make something you’re in love with. They let you make your art. I’ve always been a believer in everyone doing their job the best they can and others without experience in it just leaving them to it. Quite a few directors are left thinking “I don’t want to write their songs (although sometimes I think I could do a better job) and I don’t want them to tell me how to direct videos.” 

I think we’re seeing some great videos come out today so don’t get me wrong here, not all artists fall into this group of overzealous control-freaks who are almighty at anything creative. There’s a nice faction that let directors do their thing and believe in their abilities. Wouldn’t it just be a dream if artists chose directors with that in mind? Trusting their abilities? It’s just if I wanted to buy a Picasso when he was alive I would NOT have wanted to tell him what to paint. I feel like that’s where we lose true art. Artists start throwing in things to videos that the directors often times hate and feel destroys their vision. I’ve seen time and time again that directors get hammered with notes from an artist even asking for reshoots when the director was so confident going into sending the video edit to them. It’s sad. I hear their enthusiasm about how great the video looks and they sit there expecting everyone to be blown away. The artists often times aren’t and go into watching with the thought “What’s wrong with the video” and I think that’s where they miss all the good. Art has flaws. The flaws often make art so intriguing. Think of the Mona Lisa’s expressionless face. Some would say it’s a flaw. With a perfect smile that painting means nothing. Had Leonardo Di Vinci been under the thumb of a pop star i’m pretty sure something along those likes could have realistically happened. Start from scratch and make a smile. Ruin what was so mysteriously charismatic. 

This all has very strange connections to the music industry collapse too. I talk with what I call legacy directors (guys who did great in the 80’s & 90’s as video directors) and these legacy directors have told me “If anyone asked for a change I said fuck off it’s my work. I was hired because you wanted my work right?” On top of this they’d have huge paychecks. How times have changed.

A) You’d never work with the label again if you said that.

B) You aren’t taking home a huge check almost ever compared to back then.

So where does it end? Now we see artists “directing” their own videos. I think those videos most times look pretty bad. Some die-hard fans will eat it up without a doubt. I think true purveyors of good art laugh at this self-obsessed nonsense. 

I don’t think anything will change unfortunately and i learned long ago what it takes to find a happy marriage in these situations. I’ve also learned to see the warning signs and not get into deals where I know it’s going to be a disaster. Thankfully I can say most of the projects I do aren’t like this. I can say someone like Akon gave me complete creative control. I couldn’t be more appreciative of it. A lot of people wouldn’t expect that. I’ve seen first record deal “rockstars” who think their motley crue make an ass of themselves thinking they’re the almighty. It’s not always who you think it’s going to be. 

I’d love to hear people’s experience’s as well as opinions from outsiders. What do you think? Lastly to directors… Why let someone else shape what represents your work at the end of the day by telling you what to direct, what to be re-edited?

Thanks for reading

Robby Starbuck

(Robby has directed videos for: Akon, Yellowcard, The Sounds, Snoop Dogg, Metric, Sara Bareilles, Escape The Fate, Asking Alexandria and over 100 others)

*Note from the author: This is meant to start a discussion not start hate. Any rude comments will be deleted, don’t put anyone down or act in vitriol over a blog post. Try not to name people specifically for their privacy (Unless they were a total asshole). Enjoy!

Here’s my latest video that just came out for the song “Always Summer” by Yellowcard. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it!


Machine Gun Kelly & Me (Robby Starbuck) on set for his new video I directed “See My Tears” - More teasers coming soon!

My latest video release for Jon McLaughlin & Sara Bareilles “Summer Is Over” - One of my favorite videos i’ve directed.  Love them both.  Enjoy.

Here’s my latest video release for Demon Hunter “My Destiny” - Video is about the youth of the members of Demon Hunter, It’s all self discovery and getting into trouble as music guides their lives. The dirty space they play in relates to their beginning as a band in small crappy rehearsal spaces. You’ll even notice posters from the garage of their youth inside the space they play in.

Much Love.
Director RS 

i quit smoking

I quit smoking.  I really did it this time. I had to write it down somewhere to make it real. The most troubling thing in my life to this point has been how horribly smoking has affected my health.  I’ve had pneumonia 5 times already in the past 5 years. Smoking has helped progress my lupus to an overwhelmingly unhealthy state. Over time I lost the energy to work out like I did years ago.  I was addicted to the respiratory high of it all as I breathed the menthol smoke in.  

My desire to quit was not there, only a slight guilt existed from the feeling that I didn’t want my daughter to see me smoke.  There was also a guilt attached to my health…. What if I die this year from smoking? How was that fair to my wife? It’s a very real worry… They never tell you just how dangerous it all is when you’re a kid.  It’s just “bad” & that distinction just makes it cool as hell to a teenager that wants to a bad boy.  I wanted to be a ladies man as a teenager.  A real rock n’ roll bad boy.  I guess i’m writing this to show you how un-cool smoking really is.  I’m just glad I got control before it killed me.  Hell, it may still kill me - that’d sure be ironic.

Some people may be thinking “Chill man it’s just cigarettes, there’s fuckin’ meth addicts runnin’ around my town killing people”.  Well let me tell you that as an addict who’s done a lot of drugs since their teens: Cigarettes are the MOST addictive thing i’ve ever had.  Meth is pretty nuts though, I agree with that sentiment and it happens to be on of the only drugs I’ve never tried because meth addicts just look/act strange as hell to me.  Anyways, back to my point - Addicts are addicts forever.  I am one and I can cope with that.  I’m a unique kind of addict though, one that can achieve anything I really put my mind to.  I quit ever drug I ever tried or got addicted to without any issues. It was easy.  I’ve been clean for almost 6 years and rarely ever even have a sip of alcohol.

Cigarettes are a whole other story.  They got me early but like i’ve experienced my whole life… My own mind saved me. Here’s where things got interesting for me… A few weeks ago I came inside from my hourly smoke break late at night and smelled my wife’s hair after I took a shower.  I laid in bed and watched her sleep softly.  I wondered what we’d look like at 60, 70, 80, 90 years old. Then I realized… I won’t be alive.  I’ll probably leave her lonely to experience old age alone.  I realized i’m taking the easy way out… to never get old, never see someone break my records, etc.  Maybe i’m being dramatic (probably) but in that moment it felt very sure, if i kept smoking, i’d die before her and I wouldn’t get to grow old with her.  I want to grow old with my wife.  I want to see my kids get married and have kids. I want to hold my wife at 99, fall asleep one night and die of happiness. Writing this is just therapeutic for me… A reminder i made the right decision.  In that moment I decided I want to quit FOR ME.  I wanted a full life. I wanted my health. I wanted to vigorously defend my body for once in my life.  

Tobacco companies should really be ashamed of themselves.  Their very existence is upsetting to me because it sends a message that killing people is okay as long as you make them feel good/numb while you’re doing it.  As long as it’s in some dubious way you can’t quite put your finger on… It’s okay to kill people.  No one gets charged with murder when someone dies of lung cancer.  I’m not saying they should, but the companies should be ashamed that they facilitate this.  I wish I could go back to day #1 as a 13 year old kid and put that first cigarette down.  Despite what those companies want you to think it’s VERY easy to smoke if you want to before you’re 18.  I was a pack a day smoker from 13 on up.  Sure I had parent’s not paying attention.  I was a sneaky kid… But why should something so deadly be that easy for a 13 year old to get?  Because they want us to get it. Like any good drug dealer, they get you hooked early.  I won’t miss another chance to kiss my wife because I smell like smoke.  I won’t miss another chance to run my dogs or go on a hike because I can barely breathe.  I won’t miss a lot of great things by giving up cigarettes.  They’ve controlled a good part of my life for a long while and as I finish typing this all up… They don’t anymore.  For once in my adult life I’m not thinking about when my next smoke is.  Smoking was my only weakness as an adult. The liberation I feel from letting go of this is visible.  I feel my power & self control at a level inside myself that i’ve never seen.  Confidence is glowing.  For a very long time I thought that cigarettes were more powerful than me.  Today I want to tell the Tobacco companies this:

The cigarettes are not more powerful than me.  I won’t me another statistic that you deny.  I won’t be another dad that misses seeing his grandkids born because of lung cancer. What you do is criminal and I hate it.  I also love it. It consumed me. It took “care” of me when I was stressed.  It’s just too bad it doesn’t tell you it’s destroying your insides as it relieves your stress.  It’s like a great plastic surgeon who accidentally trips and slits your throat after sewing you up after a boob job you get to boost your confidence.  You’ve got pretty tits but now you’re dead.

I’m pretty sure I just made an awesome analogy out of left field and I believe in ending on a high note… So now in closing I’d really like to say one thing… If you’ve never tried a cigarette, please don’t. Just one can ruin your life by becoming a life long addiction. That addiction can become more important than any kind of love, job, or joy you can imagine.  It will take away a lot of beautiful moments in life that you should experience. It’s everyone’s choice but I hope you can learn from a very bad one I made at 13 years old.  I’m not missing one more moment. Here’s to life, love, and happiness for us all (Except the Tobacco companies, I really hope they get wiped off the planet).  

lovingly signed by an addict & ex-smoker,

Robby Starbuck


All will be revealed soon.

Video directed my @RSMcreative director @Raul_Gonzo - Coming Soon!!!

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Times will change & Money will BURN

Hats off to 2011.  Every year there’s naysayers that say music is dying, etc etc.  It’s boring. The way I see it each year we’re blessed with so many artists from so many very different places and we have the freedom to jump from each to the other.  It’s a beautiful thing I’m thankful for as you can see from my top 10 albums.  So thank you musicians for continuing to create in a monetary climate that isn’t a glimmer of the hope you give through your art.  Times will change and money will burn but your music will live on…